Task 4.9

I believe that if want to be 100% right then we should not allow the advertisement of loopback 0 via RIP using any filtering methid like a distribute list. The main reason is that nobody asked us to advertise the loopback 0 via RIP.
I'm wondering if there is any other solution than the solution guide's one.



  • Hi Nikathin,

    I agree, I thought it was a bit strange that we were required to go off and do something with RIP when we were not asked to!? Maybe it is allowed, since we often do other things we are not specifially asked to do.
    But I did notice that unless the route-map statement has another sequence with a permit statement in it, that it will cause problems with redistribution later on.
    Would be interesting to get a bit more feedback on this section.
  • The point is the task is testing your knowledge on the options available to you.
    You are asked to show the loopback with a /24 mask, so the "ospf network point-to-point" command should be used. But then you are told that is cannot be associated with any area, so redistribution is your only option, but you cannot redistribute the interface directly. This leaves the only option available to be redistribution from another protocol.
    The question is designed this way for a reason: to get you thinking and test your knowledge of all available options!
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