task 3.2 : PPPoFR

why does the SG use :
- a sub interface on R4 ?
- the main interface on R5 ?


  • I configured both R4 & R5 with physical interfaces, and just tied the ppp virtual template to those interfaces. I guess they configured R4 w/ sub-interface just to show you another way to do this? R5 uses the physical? Thoughts?

    thanks, DC
  • dcarley04,

    I did the same like you and I configured them on the physical interfaces

    Looks like we are going the same pace with the labs :)
    I will begin LAB5 soon
  • Hi AlyAwad,

    The subinterface is shown because of the task 4.4.
    If you configure the backup interface command on R4's main interface and do a verify by shutting down the physical interface of R5, then the backup interface wont comeup because the the lmi are exchanged between FRSW and the R$ and not between R5&R4. But if you the same config using the subinterface on R4, then the subinterface will be expecting a keepalive from the R5's main interface. If you shutdown R5's interface, then R4 subinterface will not be receving any keepalives, so they go into shutdown mode which enables the backup interface.
    Hope this helps.

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