Autoinstall on the LAN with network-confg

I'm trying the auto-install feature but running into some problems. I have created an network-confg file with ip to hostname mapping as well as host-specific configuration files. These files are no my tftp server (my staging router). The tftp server/staging server is directly connected to the router I'm attempting to configure using autoinstall. The tftp server has been configured with the following commands:

tftp-server flash:R2-confg

tftp-server flash:R3-confg
tftp-server flash:network-confg

I have created dhcp host pools on the router and I can confirm that the routers get assigned an ip address. The problem is that only once(erased startup-config and reloaded routers several times) did a router manage to get and configure itself from the network-confg file. I could determine this by reading the console output as the router boots. Even on this occassion the autoinstall failed. Most of the time I get the message there was a timeout whilst attempting to get the network-confg file.

If I configure my dhcp to assign the tftp server and/or bootfile the autoinstall succeeds. I can't figure out why downloading the network-confg file times out.

I have also tried RARP instead of DHCP. The router gets an ip address but fails at the same stage of downloading and reading the network-confg file. I'm using real 2811 routers running c2800nm-adventerprisek9-mz.124-24.T3.bin. What could be wrong? Is anybody facing the same problem.



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