Physical layer Issue

I am wondering if anyone can help me.  I am sure I am missing something very important.  While doing lab 7, I noticed that the interface s0/0/0.54 is showing as down/down.  I tried relaoding R5 to see if it was something I did, but it's still showing as down/down.  What am I missing? I am sure it's something simple.


Interface                  IP-Address      OK? Method Status                Protocol

FastEthernet0/0         YES NVRAM  up                    up      

FastEthernet0/1        YES NVRAM  up                    up      

Serial0/0/0                unassigned      YES NVRAM  up                    up      

Serial0/0/0.35         YES NVRAM  up                    up      

Serial0/0/0.54         YES NVRAM  down                  down    

Serial0/1/0            YES NVRAM  up                    up      

SSLVPN-VIF0                unassigned      NO  unset  up                    up      

Loopback0               YES NVRAM  up                    up



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