Task 5.1 BGP Peering

For this task it seems they again allow you to build the bgp network without restrictions.

For AS 200

R2 ebgp to R4

R5 ebgp to R4

R5 ibgp to R1

R1 ibgp w/reflection to S2 (I also included the reflection cmd on the neighbor statement to R5 but it wasn't needed) 

This avoided the loop condition R1 I thought I would experience if sending traffic to any BGP learned prefixes on R1 through R2.  I mean whats the point of building a bgp connection to R2 if you can never route through it properly anway.

Also I didn't need the ebgp multihop for R4 and R5(cleared the connection several times and worked with out issues, I built the p2p off of fa0/0 on both routers unnumbered)

just my $.02 

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