c2650 FR-SW w/64MB RAM

hey guys,

I put together my lab last night and realized I might not have enough RAM on my c2650 router to support IPv6. I have RAM coming in the mail in a few days but I am impatient. I manage to get all the other devices 128MB in the 2600 series and 256 in the 1800 series. The FR-SW is all that stands between me and a working lab. This has probably been written before in this forum but I couldn't find an exact match when I was browsing. Does anyone know of an IOS that work with my situation or am I stuck for a few more days?

Thanks a lot,



  • Hi Michael,

    the way I see it, you already have a working home lab as the FR Switch doesn't rely on IPv6 features. The BB1 portion of the device configuration does, so you have to do without BB1 injecting IPv6 routes until your memory upgrade arrives.

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