Difference between.


What is the difference between VPNV6 and 6VPE.



  • Does your question is diff b/w 6VPE & 6PE?

    Anyways, MP-BGP is enhanced to carry IPv6 in a VPN fashion known as VPNv6, which uses a new VPNv6 address family.Similar to operation of VPNv4 for IPv4.

    The 6VPE technique allows carrying IPv6 in a VPN fashion over a non-IPv6-aware MPLS core.
    6VPE is more like a regular IPv4 MPLS-VPN provider edge, with an addition of IPv6 support within Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF). The addition of IPv6 on a provider edge router turns the provider edge into 6VPE, thereby enabling service providers to support  IPv6 over the MPLS network.

    Thus there is no need for dual-stacking within the MPLS core.
    This represents a huge cost savings from the operating expenses perspective and addresses.

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