OER: How to configure Active probe ?

Topology :  Rx--MC  --- BR1 ---- Ry

                              --- BR2 ----

I want MC to ACTIVEly probing for best exit from Rx to Ry but i cannot get the OER active probe working.


This's my active probe configuration (assuming basic OER config is in place):

BR 1&2:

 oer border

       active-probe address source interface Loopback0


  oer master

       mode route control

       mode monitor active

       active-probe echo <Ry>



    ip sla responder                    // i don't see icmp echo trigger from BR1 or BR2 ??


I try using oer-map but also not working

 MC :  ip access-list extended Rx-Ry permit ip host <Rx> host <Ry>

          oer-map OER

               match ip address access-list Rx-Ry

               set active-probe echo <Ry>

         oer master 

               policy-rules OER


What i'm missing here ? can somebody give a hint ? thanks.




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