ipv6 name-server

Hey guys.

When I enter a name-server by "ip name-server IPV6ADDRESS" and then hit "show ip dns view" it shows the name-server as an ipv4 address. Dont know why and how he translates is because the ipv4 address is not known to me..

Strange behaviour here?






  • Here is the output I forgot:


    R1(config)#ip name-server 2001::2
    R1(config)#do sh ip dns view
    DNS View default parameters:
    Logging is off
    DNS Resolver settings:
    Domain lookup is enabled
    Default domain name:
    Domain search list:
    Lookup timeout: 3 seconds
    Lookup retries: 2
    Domain name-servers:
    DNS Server settings:
    Forwarding of queries is enabled
    Forwarder timeout: 3 seconds
    Forwarder retries: 2
    Forwarder addresses:




  • Same issue withe me as well Markus, IPv6 is still under development?:)

  • Hi Markus,

    looks like your ipv6 address got converted to ipv4. :)

    20 01 00 00 (hex) --> 32 1 0 0 (dec)



  • Yep thats what I recognized too. I would guess that its a problem with the IOS and the show output. Maybe the servers are right, but they are not correctly shown in the "show ip dns view".

    Anybody saw that before / worked with ipv6 DNS?




  • I think I got it. The right command should be "show ip host"


    R1(config)#ip name-server 2001::2
    R1(config)#ip name-server 2001::3
    R1(config)#ip name-server
    R1(config)#do sh host
    Default domain is not set
    Name/address lookup uses domain service
    Name servers are 2001::2, 2001::3,

    Codes: UN - unknown, EX - expired, OK - OK, ?? - revalidate
    temp - temporary, perm - permanent
    NA - Not Applicable None - Not defined

    Host Port Flags Age Type Address(es)


    The "ip dns view" is something different. A dns view is a method how dns queries will be handled and you can also associate them to vrfs.





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