ATC Video MVPN Optimization

Hello, i just saw the video on MVPN Optimization and I noticed that Brian configured the Core with SSM and used different MDT Data group per PE (10min), or in the RFC6037 in SSM Mode we must use the same MDT DATA group accross the PEs (6.3. Use of SSM for Data MDTs) or see the Cisco website ( "As SSM is used, the data-MDT address-range may be the same on all PE routers for the same VPN. Use an inverse-mask to specify the number of addresses used for the data-MDT."

So what is the correct way? Thanks.






  • For SSM Data MDTs you can use either the same or different groups, it doesn't really matter. Using different groups, just not efficient.

    While using the same groups , join from neighboring PEs will be unique due to (S,G) join.

    what RFC really concerns:

       If SSM is not used for setting up Data MDTs, then each VRF needs to
    be configured with a unique set of multicast P-addresses;

    Which is quite logical due to (*,G) join nature, so there's a chance that neighboring PE can start
    getting unwanted traffic in case the same group was allocated to some other multicast stream on
    different PE.
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