Phone Registration problem on INE Racks

Hi Guys,


I have just using the INE voice racks, but I am experiencing some difficulty getting Phones to register during my rack sessions.

Importing the startup configs tar file goes smoothly with no errors, all services are running in serviceability, but the phones constantly show up with a status and IP address of "unknown". I tried restarting the RIS Database and Call Manager services on the servers, but to no avail.

This has happened on my last two rack sessions and I had to work without the Variphy phone control tool.

Does anyone have an idea what I may be doing wrong?




  • Hi,

    Can you check the TFTP Service is running? I hope you are using the phones attached with INE rack, did you configure the switchports and DHCP server correctly? If the phones don't get IP and TFTP information (i.e.TFTP Server IP) your phones will never find it's configuration file from UCM through TFTP.

  • Hi,


    I am using the phones attached to the INE rack because I have no additional HW, however, I did make sure the TFTP service was running . As for the IP information, these was preloaded in the switch config but I will do a double-check during my next rack session tonight.


    Thanks a lot for the tips



  • Nice to hear that, make sure CUCM TFTP Service is running as phones download their confiration file through this service.

    Also please keep posted if the issue continues.

  • I'm so thankful for your tips, the issue is resolved.

    All necessary services were running fine, but I discovered, the loaded CUCM startup-config did not include a DHCP Server and Subnet for the Branch 1 and 2 Sites, that being fixed, the phones were able to receive IP and TFTP server addresses. The CorpHQ site had a DHCP pool configured on the local switch but I noticed there seemed to be a prob in the TFTP server config. After fixing this, they also registered.

    I also had to delete the wrong MAC addresses used to in the CUCM StartupConfig.tar file cause they were misleading. Those phones never existed in that rack and so they were constantly with a status and IP of "unknown". I assumed the config file I loaded was for the same rack only to discover after careful screening that the phones connected had different MAC addresses.

    Thanks once again


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