5.1 why NHS ?

why does SG use "next hop self" on R6 to R5 ?

(I agree that NHS is necessary on R5 to R6, but not on R6 towards R5)


  • Agreed. As R5 is redistributing connected into EIGRP and R6 is advertising it's S0/0/0 into EIGRP, this isn't needed.
    Also, if you use the SG solution, R5 and R6 would never come up as the "ebgp-multihop" command isn't used.
    Seeing as R5 and R6 are 4 hops away from each other, this command is needed.

  •  Originally Posted By: routereflector

    R5 and R6 would never come up

    Yes they would, they are iBGP peers.
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