Task 8.2 Do we suppose to memorize VoIP ports?

Task did not specify which tcp and udp ports to use for this VoIP configuration? Do we suppose to memorize these ports? or should these be specified in the lab question?


  • I would memorize UDP 16384-32767 & TCP 1720 at a minimum.
  • You need to know 1720.

    You can compute 16384 (max divided by 4)
    and 32767 (max divided by 2)

    To get the value of max, type "range ?", it will show 65535.
  • I did use another way - is this wrong?

    class-map match-all VoIP
    match access-group name VLAN4
    match protocol rtp
    policy-map CoS
    class VoIP
    priority 64
    policy-map TO_BB2
    class class-default
    shape average 2500000
    service-policy CoS
    ip access-list standard VLAN4
  • I felt that due to the wording of the task, the voice going out to BB2 was only meant to be voice that came across the serial from R4. They used the word "this" when referring to the voice traffic, not just any voice traffic.

    Semantics maybe, but i used the following.

    Class Map match-all voice
    Match input-interface Serial1/1
    Match access-group name voice
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