Reliable Conditional Default Routing (ip sla, track, dummy static route)

Is there a way to do Reliable Conditional Default Routing with EIGRP in a similar way that it's done with OSPF? 

In the R&S Vol 1 Task 4.1 there is OSPF solution that uses the default-information originate always w/ a route-map command along w/ an IP SLA, track object, and dummy static route. 

Does anyone know of a way to configure something similar with EIGRP?



  • Hi John,

    I think you could do the following:

    ip sla 1


     timeout 2000

     frequency 5

    ip sla schedule 1 life forever start-time now

    track 1 rtr 1

    ip prefix-list DEFAULT permit

    route-map DEFAULT

     match ip address prefix-list DEFAULT

    ip route track 1

    router eigrp 100

     redistribute static route-map DEFAULT


    Good luck!

  • Thanks qqabdal!  That looks like it should work.   I'll have to lab it up later.


  • Hi John,

    you actually can, with restrictions. You must have an internal route to a classful network (for example, a in your EIGRP network. Although you cannot conditionally inject a default route, you can conditionally inject a route to a classful network as a "default network". The network effect is the same even we don't see a in the RIB. Note - you can use a dummy route, we only need to propagate this default network flag or whatever is it called.

    On the EIGRP router you want to originate a "default network", configure the following:

    ip sla 1
    ...whatever you wish

    track 100 ip sla 1

    ip route null0 track 100

    ip default-network

    router eigrp 10

    I've tried that out and it worked for me. However we must be patient as this "default network" feature takes some time to respond.

    Try and let us know in case something didn't work as described ;-)


  • Now you have two options - how to inject an internal EIGRP default route and how to inject an external default route.

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