Dynamips topology problem



I've downloaded the initial configs from the members site for Dynamips (CCIE_RS_WB_VII_DYNAMIPS.zip). I'm having an issue with BB1 and R6. In the initial config, it looks like BB1 expects to be connected to the frame switch:


interface Serial1/1

 description Serial to FRS

 no ip address

 encapsulation frame-relay

 no fair-queue

 no shutdown


followed by a bunch of subinterfaces. However in the .net file I got from http://www.ine.com/downloads/internetwork.expert.topologies.zip, BB1 is connected directly to R6. And s1/1 doesn't exist on BB1.


What am I missing? Looks like imagenaunglay posted the same issue but there was no soultion posted.





  • This is what I have in my .net file:

    [[ROUTER BB1]]
            model = 3725
            console = 2011
            aux = 2110
            cnfg = initial.configsBB1.cfg
            wic0/0 = WIC-2T
            s0/0 = R6 s0/0
            s0/1 = BB3 s0/0
            x = 85.0
            y = 100.0
            hx = 69.4430348765
            hy = 14.431173858

    So they have a direct connection between each other.

    However looking in the preconfig as you say then BB1 has connection to BB3 and FRS. By the looks of the config then BB1 should connect S1/1 to the FRS and S1/0 to BB3.

    So if you are using the FRS then you should have mappings in there so that R6 and BB1 can communicate via it. I haven't run much Vol2 in Dynamips but I know people here have so they must have run into this.

  • Hi,


    This is a good question, I am not sure which one is the official answer, but I have seen this connection as P2P and also going through the FRSW. Mine is built through the FRSW, I can't remember, if I did this by my own, or if it was like this in the first place, I believe I used the old 4.1 dynamips version as the base for my INE topologies and haven't bother to change anything since then.


    Here is what I got.


        [[ROUTER BB1]]

            model = 3725

            console = 2011

            slot1 = NM-4T

            s1/0 = BB3 s1/0

            s1/1 = FRSW 21


        [[ROUTER R6]]

            model = 3725

            console = 2006

            s0/0 = FRSW 6

            f0/0 = SW2 f1/6

            f0/1 = SW4 f1/6


    FRSW mappings for this connection


            6:51 = 21:51

            6:100 = 21:100

            6:101 = 21:101

            6:201 = 21:201

            6:301 = 21:301

            6:401 = 21:401

            21:51 = 6:51

            21:100 = 6:100

            21:101 = 6:101

            21:201 = 6:201

            21:301 = 6:301

            21:401 = 6:401

  • I have the same issue. I think Brian changed the topoloy a little bit by connecting R6 directly to BB1 instead of going through the FRSW. There is the same kind of issue between BB1 and BB3 . The serial interface is also wrong here in the initial config. I simply corrected the serial interfaces on BB1 to R6 and BB2. I also needed to disable keep-alive on R6 serial to BB1 serial in order to get the link up and running.

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