Help on WRED on Cisco 12k IOS-XR

Dear All

I need some help to design QoS in the MPLS Backbone made of Cisco 12k routers running IOS-XR and  would appreciate if some can shed some light on it.


I need to enable WRED on my Core Facing Interfaces of c12K running IOS-XR and I need the guidance on deciding the Min Threshold,Max Threshold and Mark Probability Denominator.


I have read through the online documentation but could not make much out of it in practical.


I have also read that


MinTH (x) =  1/2 of MaxTH + x/8 of MaxTH where X=EXP/IPP value.


And the MaxTH= Queue Limit in ms.


Now how do I determine the Queue Limit for a particular EXP//IPP on IOS-XR interfaces




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