I have VPNV6 setup and one side OSPFv3 and Other side EIGRPV6.

R1 ---- OSPF ----- R2-----BGPv6 ------R3 ----vpnv6 ------- R4 ----BGPv6----R5 ------ EIGRPv6 ------R6

from r6 i can ping r1 lo0 address --- R6#PING XXXX:XXX:X::1  ----- success rate 100%

BUT from r1 i can't ping r6 lo0 address  ---- R1#PING XXXX:XXX:X::6  ----- success rate 0%

When i do traceroute from R1 it stops at Router R3.

If I perform ping with source lo0 from R1 TO R6 it's working and success rate is 100%

R1#PING XXXX:XXX:X::6 source lo0 ----- success rate 100%.


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