Task 1.7, 2.1, 2.3 & 2.5


I have  following feedback after studing the SG and the score  report:

Task 1.7

 I don’t understand why we need to configure a sub-interface on R5 Serial 0/0/0 for  PPP over frame-rely and later routing configuration.

Which task requirement specifies such a configuration need ?


Task 2.1

The task requirement did not specify point-to-multipoint non-broadcast network type to be configured. Why my solution to use just the non-broadcast network type.is not valid ?


Task 2.3

I don’t understand why you gave such comment “all links between R2, R6 and SW1 should've been RIP passive” in the score report. The task requires us to enable RIP on vlan 26 and 67. Why do we need to make RIP passive on these links ?


Task 2.5

The SG uses the “ip summary-address” command at fa0/0 interface configuration to advertise the minimum amount of  internal networks to BB2. My solution is to use “auto-summary” in the RIP process. Why the “auto-summary” is not a .valid solution as the RIP process is run only between R4 and BB2 in this case ?








  • Task 1.7 - Look at task 2.6 for your answer to this.

    Task 2.3 -  Because the task said to make sure that hosts runing RIP on either of these segments do not recieve RIP Packets.   if you configure as passive you won't send to them.  You then configure a neighbor to the hosts on those segments you want to send to and that solves that problem.

    Task 2.5 - I guess they just want you to be specific.  The question can be a bit vauge.  I actually solved it just like SG simply because thats how they've asked us to do it in other labs.  They'll usually say something like minimum overlap or some clue like that.

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