Diagram Issue

Refer to the Diagram. This is simillar to the other diagrams but I am not able to understand


R6 is connected to BB1 through FR Switch but on the R6 the DLCI says 101 and on BB1 end there is no DLCI


If we look at other Frame Relay connectivity of like R2 and R3 it mentiones the DLCI properly .


I have seen simillar things in all diagrams


  • It's on the subinterface on BB1

    interface Serial1/6.101 point-to-point

     description PVC 101 to R6

     ip address

     ip authentication mode eigrp 10 md5

     ip authentication key-chain eigrp 10 EIGRP

     ipv6 address 2001:54:254:1::254/64

     ipv6 address FE80::254 link-local

     ipv6 rip RIPng enable

     frame-relay interface-dlci 101 

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