Lab question

Hi guys

This may sound like a silly question but i was wondering if in the lab, we are asked to create an ISIS adjacency between 2 routers and the question doesnt really specify the type of adjacency (level1 or 2), is it then ok to let both L1 and L2 adjacency to establish (assuming they are in the same area)?




  • Hi,

    L1-2 is the default, if there is no explicit requirement, you can configure this:)

    Good Luck


  • that is precisely why i asked as if you dont specify the level type, both will come up. I certainly hope that is that case. Thanks

  • To be very precise; Only the first instance of IS-IS is going to be both L1-L2 type.

    Other instances of IS-IS if configured on same router later on would be of L1 type by default.

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