Task 2.7


what is the reason behind using a route-map for setting the equred metric for 145.x.45/24 at redistribution on R3, and an ingress offset-list on R6 for the "all other routes". This could be done with one route-map OR one offset, there is no need for both of them, is it?

What is reason behind setting the metric of RIP->OSPF redistributed routes to 100? When OSPF is healthy, then OSPF routes will win by the virtue of AD, so there won't be any redistribution essentially. When OSPF is broken, then the RIP routes will get installed and redistributed. IMHO the redistribution metric never counts in this scenario. Do I miss something?





  • Alright, I received answer to my first question in my score report: without the offset list on R6, R3's connected IP's will have a metric of one on R6, since those are not redistributed but advertised natively by RIP.

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