Download configuration after completing the lab

Is there a way to download routers and switches configuration after I completed mock lab? I want to compare the way I configured with Solutions Guide.


  • I just do a quick 'sh run' on all devices and log the output to a file

  • I was doing lab5 today untill last minute, so I did not have time to log "sho run" output from every devices. Although I have a log from my putty session it's a pain to put it all together. I thought they might be a way to download configs.

  • When I do my labs from the Workbooks, I do all my solutions in a notepad. I find it easier for verification alongside the solutions. Depending on the task, I may also put my verification output on there also.

    I either normally have a notepad file per task, or per device. Might be worth trying this, see if that helps.

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