1.1 and 1.2 dynamips (switch config descrepancies)

1. on SW1 f1/0 routed port wont work because its the same issue listed in issues under dynamips/internetworkexpert forum. I made this a vlan interface, works no problem.

2. on sw3 had to build trunk on fast 1/10 (not specified in workbook to build). trunk was built on the sw2 side but was blocking essential vlans, added those. no poblem this sharpens skills for quick troubleshooting.

3. sw2 fast 1/6 connecting to R6 built as trunk. no problem sharpens quick troubleshooting skills.

4. there isnt a trunk or hint of trunk needed to be built between sw3 and sw4. doesnt look like i need because at this point can ping all Lan to lan in topo.
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