MPLS VPN Partioned RR Design with ORF using extcommunity !

Dear All


I am trying to test the use of ORF with extcommunity using "bgp rr-group" to make the PEs not advertise any routes with extcommunity which are not allowed on the RR using " bgp rr-group" command..


I can see on the RR that I am only placing the routes which are permitted under the extcommunity list allowed under "bgp rr-group" config but the PEs are still advertising all the routes and ORF is not working ..Below are my configs


 address-family vpnv4

  bgp rr-group 10

  neighbor mp-ibgp send-community extended

  neighbor mp-ibgp route-reflector-client

  neighbor mp-ibgp capability orf prefix-list send

  neighbor mp-ibgp route-map cus1 in

  neighbor activate

  neighbor activate



ip extcommunity-list 10 permit rt 64513:100





route-map cus1 permit 10

 match extcommunity 10


I am not sure how can I make the RR advertise the set of RTs it is permitting to the PEs so that they can stop advertising the unwanted routes..

I can see on the PE though for ORF capability received but it says for Prefix-List and not extcommunity


edge1.pop1#show ip bgp vpnv4 all neighbors

BGP neighbor is,  remote AS 64513, internal link

 Member of peer-group mp-ibgp for session parameters

  BGP version 4, remote router ID

  BGP state = Established, up for 00:06:10

  Last read 00:00:34, last write 00:00:35, hold time is 180, keepalive interval

is 60 seconds

  Neighbor sessions:

    1 active, is multisession capable

  Neighbor capabilities:

    Route refresh: advertised and received(new)

    Four-octets ASN Capability: advertised and received

    Address family VPNv4 Unicast: advertised and received

    Multisession Capability: advertised and received

  Message statistics, state Established:

    InQ depth is 0

    OutQ depth is 0


                         Sent       Rcvd

    Opens:                  1          1

    Notifications:          0          0

    Updates:                4          5

    Keepalives:             7          7

    Route Refresh:          0          0

    Total:                 12         13

  Default minimum time between advertisement runs is 0 seconds


 For address family: VPNv4 Unicast

  Session: session 1

  BGP table version 10, neighbor version 10/0

  Output queue size : 0

  Index 15

  Address family not supported notification sent

  15 update-group member

  mp-ibgp peer-group member

  NEXT_HOP is always this router

  AF-dependant capabilities:

    Outbound Route Filter (ORF) type (128) Prefix-list:

      Send-mode: received




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