Caller ID Update


As we know, the Called Number is updated on IP Phone every time that the call traverse through TP/RP/RL/Transformation, as well as the H323/SIP gateways will also update the Caller ID based on the Incoming VoIP dial-peer digit manipulation.

But when we are using CUBE, for instance UCM is connected to UCME using CUBE, then the Called Number updates are made based on the UCME configuration.

So the Called Number updates take effect through the whole VoIP path:

UCM <---> CUBE_1 <---> CUBE_2 <---> UCME

In this case, the Called Number update will take effect at CUBE_1, CUBE_2 and UCME, and which has the Translation as the last point will update the Called Number on UCM IP phone for final display.

Well, this is based on my testings.

Maybe there is something else that I am missing?
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