GK Port Issue

When I set the following service parameters in CUCM for Gatekeeper:



To the values I need, the Signaling Port changes to 1720, but the RAS ports stay for random port:


R1#sh gatekeeper endpoints
CallSignalAddr  Port  RASSignalAddr   Port  Zone Name         Type    Flags
--------------- ----- --------------- ----- ---------         ----    -----    1720    32810 SEA               VOIP-GW
    H323-ID: CM_1
    Voice Capacity Max.=  Avail.=  Current.= 0    1720    32805 SEA               VOIP-GW
    H323-ID: CM_2
    Voice Capacity Max.=  Avail.=  Current.= 0


The RAS port does not change to 1719.

I have tryed to reset/restart GK and Trunk. Restart the CallManager Service. Even have rebooted the CUCM Servers, but still not success.


Does anyone knows, why the RAS port is not changed?


The calls are successful, and they are working fine, but still, I am interested why the port is not changed?


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