Task 4.7 Redistribution

Why it needs redistritue connected to eigrp?? I don't see any redistribute connected on R5 for both eigrp or ospf in pervious tasks. In my solution, I just redistribute 2 protocol and set to type I metric on eigrp->ospf


  • To announce subnet into our network.

    To ensure full reachability (cf page 1)

    I agree that this command does not relate specifically to task 4.7.
  • That is correct, with that command we will get 192.10.x.0/24 in EIGRP but this is needed in OSPF as well, if I am not wrong.
    Redistribution is not transitive on the same router.

    Therefore, connected must be redistributed into OSPF as well.
    Something like:

    router ospf 1
    redistribute connected subnets route-map CONNECTED->OSPF

    route-map CONNECTED->OSPF permit 10
    match interface FastEthernet0/0
    route-map CONNECTED->OSPF permit 20
    match interface Serial0/0.125

    Without these, R1 does not have a route to 192.10.X.5/24

    At least on my rack....
  • sorry i didnt see this post as i created a new one.

    .but the task didnt mention to have connectivity to BB2 via IGP. yes i know it would mess with BGP testing down-the-road for connectivity checks......

    Well the SG states it and i know those guys have huge brains. but i will state the question to proc.
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