EoMPLS with dot1q tunneling


Could anyone explain to me why EoMPLS dot1q tunnel mode would be used over EoMPLS Port Mode; isn't the latter just as capable of transporting customer Ethernet trunks through the MPLS backbone transparently? To be more specific, what I'm confused about is how the extra vlan tag in dot1q tunnel mode helps transport frames through the MPLS backbone when the MPLS label stack achieves that anyway?

I must be missing something significant here, any help is much appreciated!


- Alshan


  • Hi Alshan,

    I dont think that EoMPLS tunne mode would be used over port mode, this is only on VLAN mode.

    1. Ethernet over MPLS in VLAN mode :Ethernet over MPLS in VLAN mode transports Ethernet traffic from a source 802.1Q VLAN to a destination 802.1Q VLAN over a core MPLS network, this goes under subinterface

    interface gig0/0.xx

    encapsulation dot1q <vlan-id>

    xconnect peer-router-id vcid encapsulation mpls

    2. Ethernet Over MPLS in port mode: Port mode allows a frame coming into an interface to be packed into an MPLS packet and transported over the MPLS backbone to an egress interface. The entire Ethernet frame without the preamble or FCS is transported as a single packet, this goes under inteface rather than under subinterface:

    interface gigabitethernet xx/xx
     xconnect peer-router-id vcid encapsulation mpls




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