MPLS VPN Load-Balancing Services to Dual-Homed Customers !

Dear All


Is it possible in a Service Provider Environment for the SP to offer both Per-Destination and Per-Packet Load Balancing Services to the Dual-Homed MPLS VPN Customers simultaneously ie Customer A wants to have Per-Destination Load-Balancing across its multiple sites and Customer B wants to have Per-Packet Load-Balancing Services across multiple sites.


I am aware of the caveats of the Per-Packet Load-Balancing but is it feasible from Service Offering Point of view to provide both kind of Load-Balancing across MPLS VPN Backbone at the same time..Per my understanding its not feasible to implement the same but is there any workaround to configure the MPLS Backbone in such a way that few customers get the Per-Destination Load-Balancing and few customers get the Per-Packet Load-Balaning across MPLS Backbone.





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