lab finish time

Hi, I am starting to plan out my 1st R&S lab attempt in Brussels in the new year, and just wanted to check what time the lab exam actually finishes at to see if I will have time to catch a flight home after the exam. The flight isn't until 21:20 so I would think I would be fine to get there well in time (I will be flying back to Dublin so an hour should be fine for check-in/security).


The cisco website says the following, but I don't see how the finish time can be 4:30 if the start time is 8:15 and there is a lunch break (is the lunch break only 15 minutes?):



Reception/Registration - opens 8:00am

Lab Exam - 8:15 am (actual start) to 4:30 pm

Candidates should allow enough time to sign in with reception prior to
start time. Please arrive on time for the exam. If you arrive late, you
will be expected to finish with
the group. If you arrive more than 2 hours late, you will not be allowed
to start. The
hands-on lab runs for 8 hours with additional time scheduled for the
initial exam briefing
and a lunch break.

Important: Reception opens at 8:00 am and Candidates
are encouraged to arrive early to allow enough time to sign in prior to
lab exam start time.




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