Tunnel of IOS-XR



int tunnelXY

ip unnumbered lo0

tunnel source x.x.x.x

tunnel destion y.y.y.y

can we create tunnel on ios-xr



  • Yes you can. Currently limited to IPv4 GRE tunnels only. For configuration I refer to my previous post: http://ieoc.com/forums/t/17761.aspx


  • Dear,

    It is same as IOS. I give you a reference for MPLS TE configuration:

    1. Enable MPLS LDP and permit interfaces to run MPLS LDP:

    mpls ldp
     interface GigabitEthernet0/2/0/1

    2. Enable MPLS OAM feature (optional):

    mpls oam

    3. Enable MPLS TE and permit interfaces to run MPLS TE:

    mpls traffic-eng
     interface TenGigE0/2/0/1

    4. Enable IGP protocol which supports MPLS TE (I am using OSPF for example)

    router ospf 1
     area 0 
      interface Loopback0  
      interface GigabitEthernet0/2/0/1  
     mpls traffic-eng router-id Loopback0

    5. Creating interface TE tunnel:

    interface tunnel-te111
     description SILVER_VPN
     ipv4 unnumbered Loopback0
     path-option 1 explicit name PE1-P1-P2-PE2 //Explicit path 1
     path-option 2 explicit name PE1-P1-P3-PE2 //Explicit path 2
     path-option 3 dynamic //Dynamic path



  • ...and in case you have CGN card you can go for more using  hfr-cgn-p.pie-x.x.x (6in4 6rd eg)




  • Just to be clear, we can't have ipv6 tunnel on IOS-XR in software 3.9.1?

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