Sydney Lab Update

It's been a while since anyone posted anything in the Sydney branch, so I thought I'd post some points here about the Sydney environment in general. Will put something about my lab itself in another post.

Firstly, the "important" stuff that people obssess over for some reason:

* Yes, you get a pot of coloured pencils, and a pen or two. 

* You also get a couple of sheets of paper

* Temperature was warm - I wore a T-shirt. Took my hoody in, but it wasn't needed

* Proctor was pleasant, and helpful with a query I had about the language of a question.

* Lunch was fine. The Coke is a 600mL bottle, making it slightly better value than the "$1500 can of Coke."

* 24" widescreen monitor, with a Logitech K120 keyboard. Coincidentally, this is the same one I use at home.

Lab location is easy to find. Get to St Leonards Railway station, come out to main road, turn left and there it is. 

I stayed at the Twin Towers Best Western. It's about 15 minutes walk along the main road. Nothing flash, especially if you're in what seemed to be the "budget" room, as I was. Overpriced probably for what it is, but most things in Australia are. No free Wi-Fi. $10 for a day pass. I'll probably look at the Hotel Urban for my next attempt, which is just a little bit closer. You could of course stay anywhere, and get the train, but it suited me to walk to the venue, that way I didn't have to rely on anyone else to get to the exam.

Lab room itself is not noisy, other than keyboards. There were a couple of pairs of earmuffs there you could use if you wanted. No equipment in the room itself, other than a heap of phones. No Voice candidates there that day though.


  • Good to hear experiences about the environment :) ill be there April 2013 !

  • Is the terminal emulation program at Sydney SecureCRT or Putty?


  • It's the same everywhere. Putty. 

    Look up the CCIE lab environment demo video that Cisco published - that shows you what the inteface is like

  • Thanks for confirming this.


    Looks like I should start using Putty.


  • I can pretty much echo everything that Northlandboy mentioned. I did my first attempt in Dec 2012 and it was a good experience apart from the fail :-). I stayed at Urban which is just up the road and it was Cheap, clean, had internet and was very close. The proctor was a fill in for the day but he was very friendly. The DocCD was quick enough and not at all slow like some reports in other centres. I had a Voice candidate do his attempt on the day I sat mine and he wasn't noisy at all. your mileage may vary though.

  • I know this may be a supid question but I do need to ask, will you have access to notepad and calculator on the computer doing the lab?

  • Yes, you will have access to Notepad and the Windows Calculator. None of this Notepad++ stuff though, just basic Notepad. That's what you should be practising with.

  • I stayed at the Urban - great hotel - albeit a bit pricey - $350.   Hotel restaurant was excellent - great espresso / flat white.    Not too pricey.   No microwave but mini fridge.    easy walking distance to test and the test is right at the St. Leonards train station.  (which is a straight shot from the airport).

    So.... airport .... Train to Central - switch to North towards St. Leonards.  Exit... find Cisco office door on street outside station.  Go up to third floor just to know where you're going.   Walk 10mins to hotel (or $5 taxi if you have bags), sleep - leave your bags at hotel - pass your exam - grab your bags from hotel- train ride back to the airport and you're all good.

  • Thanks for this information. I will purchase a Logitech K120 keyboard and practice using those.



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