Etherchannel load balancing


Most of you probably already know this, but while I was going through the ATC chapter on Etherchannel, Brian was demonstrating the various methods for testing the functionality of the load-balancing algorithm that is currently implemented on a switch.  He mentioned, of course, pinging different IP addresses and looking at the packets sent/received on the interfaces.  He also mentioned SNMP polling and trapping, plus using Netflow for verification.

I found a document on the Cisco website that details another method for verification:

The document is called Understanding Etherchannel load-balancing and redundancy on Catalyst switches.  The Catalyst 3750 and 6500 series switches actually have a test etherchannel load-balance load-balance command that allows you to find out which interface is used in the EtherChannel to forward traffic based on whatever load balancing method you choose.

Does anyone else know of other Catalyst switches offering the same/similar functionality?




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