Mobile Voice Access

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I have configured MVA on SiteB (h323 GW) in my practice lab and When I dial the MVA number 30303000 from PSTN to SiteB, the IVR responds with a welcome message "Welcome to Cisco Unified Communication Manager" and ask to enter the Remote destination Number followed by '#' and  than goes silent and the call disconnects in approximately 40 seconds. It never goes beyond this point and does not prompt for the user pin and password. 

Did anyone experienced this problem? or would like to give some inputs on this.  My MVA configuration is as follows:

CUCM Clusterwide Parameters for MVA

1. Enabled Enterprise Feature Access = True

2. Enable Mobile Voice Access = True

3. Mobile Voice Access Number = 3000

4. Matching Called ID with Remote Destination = Partial match

5. Number of digits for Called ID Partial Match = 7

Configure Mobile Access DN

Media Resources TAB ---> Mobile Voice Access

1. Mobile Voice Access DN = 3000

2. Mobile Voice Access Partition = SITE_B-INTERNAL

Mobility User

User Management --> End User --> sb1

End User Configuration Page --> Mobility Information

Enable Mobility - Check
Primary Device - SEPXXXXXXXXXXXX (SB Phone 1)
Enable Mobile Voice Access - Check

Create Remote Destination Profile

1. Device --> Device Settings --> Remote Destination Profile --> Add new

Name: RDP-SB1
User ID: sb1
Device Pool: SB-DP
Calling Search Space : SB-CSS
Rerouting Calling Search Space : SB-CSS

2. Line[1] - Add a new DN

Directory Number : 3001

Remote Destination Profile Configuration

Associated Remote Destination : Add a New Remote Destination

Remote Destination Configuration page

Name : SB-Mobile

Destination Number : 919725252222

Delay Before Ringing Timer : 0

Enable Mobile Check - Check

Line[1] Line Association - Check

SITE_B Voice Gateway H.323 Configuration

voice translation-rule 1

voice service voip
allow-connnection h323 to h323

service mva

voice-port 0/1/0:23
translation-profile incoming FROM-PSTN

dial-peer voice 3000 pots
service mva
incoming called-number 3000
port 0/1/0:23


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