RIPv2 Where should it be deployed?

RIP has long default convergence times (3min plus).

Under what circumstances would RIPv2 be the preferred routing protocol?



  • Under what circumstances would RIPv2 be the preferred routing protocol?

    If you don't have other choice [:P]

  • The only supported dynamic routing protocol on Windows 2008 server is RIP. If you want to exchange routing updates between your Cisco box and that server, you would have to use RIP. I also had to setup routing between an ancient Bintec router and a Cisco router once and the only protocol that both spoke was RIP.

    But on the other hand you are right. It wouldn`t be my primary choice as IGP for a modern network either. The main reason is the slow convergence and the way how RIP`s metric works. It considers a route as best path if it has the least ammount of hops to the destination. But it doesn`t care about the bandwidth on each link for example.

  • It should only be deployed on your tombstone, lol :) Like Jochen says sometimes it is the only choice. Also some old Unix boxes only have support for RIP. It is easy to setup though but convergence is slow of course.

  • A lot of consumer home routers only run RIP as well (if anything) so if you need to connect to one for a reason and need to use a dynamic protocol, you're using RIP.


    I've not used rip in the field in many years

  • Old juniper Firewalls for example! And other equipment that just supports basic features like RIP. But if you buy hardware today it usually is able to speak OSPF.


  • Nowadays you will use RIPv2 just as a last resort, but it did certainly play a major role in the past. The only time I needed to use it (out of the lab) is for old firewalls and some legacy UNIX boxes, otherwise, you should chose a more recent protocol.



  • RIP = Rest In Peace!

    On new deployments, if somebody is holding a gun to your head.
    On old networks already running: some people are afraid of changing old networks, so there are some that prefer not to touch them, you may find some RIP on this case.

    For any Cisco routing certification, you still need to know it:   CCNA, CCNP, CCIE contain some level of RIP even if it is not part of the blueprint. 

    Hope this helps.

  • Deploy RIP where required by a task in the CCIE R&S Lab Exam.[:D]

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