UCCX: cannot get DNIS from wildcard trigger [SOLVED]


It's solved using either "Dialed Number" or "Original Called Number" attribute.

Not sure why it wasn't working before.






My UCCX ICD app has a wild card trigger "2XXX".

I am trying to retrieve the actual dialed digits from "Get Call Contact Info"  Step.

E.g user dials 2777, I want to retrieve from the --Triggering Contact-- "2777" instead of "2XXX".

Unfortunately none of the attributes seem to be working.


I have tried the attributes:

"Called Number"

"Original Called Number"

"Original Dialed Number"

"Dialed Number"

 - but in each case, the step always returns the "2XXX" wildcard DN.


I must be overlooking something simple here, any ideas?

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