Hai Mark ,


I am facing a problem with cue live reply .My live reply is working fine but the restriction that i am doing with a restriction table is not working fine .

I disaled r-table for all phones but the restriction table is not working .

I am using cue 7.0(1)

Pasting the configs here . (Restriction table is marked in bold).

This was a lab that was relesed previously by INE


clock timezone Asia/Calcutta

hostname cue

ip domain-name

line console

system language preferred "en_US"

ntp server prefer

software download server url "" credentials hidden "6u/dKTN/

site name local
 end site

privilege local-broadcast create
privilege ViewPrivateList create
privilege manage-passwords create
privilege broadcast create
privilege manage-users create
privilege ManagePrompts create
privilege ViewHistoricalReports create
privilege vm-imap create
privilege ViewRealTimeReports create
privilege ManagePublicList create

groupname BR2Group create
groupname Broadcasters create

username br2Ph1 create
username br2Ph3 create
username admin create
username br2Ph2 create

privilege local-broadcast description "Privilege to send local broadcast messages"
privilege ViewPrivateList description "Privilege to view private list"
privilege manage-passwords description "Privilege to reset user passwords"
privilege broadcast description "Privilege to send local or remote broadcast messages"
privilege manage-users description "Privilege to create, modify, and delete users and groups"
privilege ManagePrompts description "Privilege to create, modify, or delete system prompts"
privilege ViewHistoricalReports description "Privilege to view historical reports"
privilege vm-imap description "Privilege to manage personal voicemail via IMAP client"
privilege ViewRealTimeReports description "Privilege to view realtime reports"
privilege ManagePublicList description "Privilege to manage public lists"
privilege local-broadcast operation broadcast.local
privilege local-broadcast operation system.debug
privilege ViewPrivateList operation voicemail.lists.private.view
privilege manage-passwords operation
privilege manage-passwords operation system.debug
privilege manage-passwords operation user.password
privilege broadcast operation broadcast.local
privilege broadcast operation system.debug
privilege broadcast operation broadcast.remote
privilege manage-users operation
privilege manage-users operation group.configuration
privilege manage-users operation system.debug
privilege manage-users operation user.mailbox
privilege manage-users operation user.configuration
privilege manage-users operation user.remote
privilege manage-users operation user.password
privilege manage-users operation user.notification
privilege ManagePrompts operation system.debug
privilege ManagePrompts operation prompt.modify
privilege ViewHistoricalReports operation report.historical.view
privilege vm-imap operation voicemail.imap.user
privilege ViewRealTimeReports operation report.realtime
privilege ManagePublicList operation voicemail.lists.public
privilege ManagePublicList operation system.debug

groupname BR2Group member br2Ph1
groupname BR2Group member br2Ph2
groupname Administrators member admin
groupname Broadcasters member br2Ph1
groupname BR2Group privilege broadcast
groupname Broadcasters privilege broadcast
groupname BR2Group phonenumber "3000"

username br2Ph1 phonenumber "3001"
username br2Ph3 phonenumber "3003"
username br2Ph2 phonenumber "3002"

restriction msg-notification create
restriction msg-notification min-digits 1
restriction msg-notification max-digits 30
restriction msg-notification dial-string preference 1 pattern * allowed
restriction r-table create
restriction r-table min-digits 1
restriction r-table max-digits 2
restriction r-table dial-string preference 1 pattern * disallowed

backup server url "" credentials hidden "EWlTygcMhYmjazXhE/VNXHCkplVV4KjescbDaLa4fl4WLSPFvv1rWUnfGWTYHfmPSd8ZZNgd+Y9J3xlk2B35j0nfGWTYHfmPSd8ZZNgd+Y9J3xlk2B35j0nfGWTYHfmP"

calendar biz-schedule systemschedule
 open day 1 from 00:00 to 24:00
 open day 2 from 00:00 to 24:00
 open day 3 from 00:00 to 24:00
 open day 4 from 00:00 to 24:00
 open day 5 from 00:00 to 24:00
 open day 6 from 00:00 to 24:00
 open day 7 from 00:00 to 24:00
 end schedule

ccn application autoattendant aa
 description "autoattendant"
 maxsessions 6
 script "aa.aef"
 parameter "busClosedPrompt" "AABusinessClosed.wav"
 parameter "holidayPrompt" "AAHolidayPrompt.wav"
 parameter "welcomePrompt" "AAWelcome.wav"
 parameter "disconnectAfterMenu" "false"
 parameter "dialByFirstName" "false"
 parameter "allowExternalTransfers" "false"
 parameter "MaxRetry" "3"
 parameter "dialByExtnAnytime" "false"
 parameter "busOpenPrompt" "AABusinessOpen.wav"
 parameter "businessSchedule" "systemschedule"
 parameter "dialByExtnAnytimeInputLength" "4"
 parameter "operExtn" "0"
 end application

ccn application ciscomwiapplication aa
 description "ciscomwiapplication"
 maxsessions 6
 script "setmwi.aef"
 parameter "CallControlGroupID" "0"
 parameter "strMWI_OFF_DN" "8001"
 parameter "strMWI_ON_DN" "8000"
 end application

ccn application msgnotification aa
 description "msgnotification"
 maxsessions 6
 script "msgnotify.aef"
 parameter "logoutUri" "http://localhost/voicemail/vxmlscripts/mbxLogout.jsp"
 parameter "DelayBeforeSendDTMF" "1"
 end application

ccn application promptmgmt aa
 description "promptmgmt"
 maxsessions 1
 script "promptmgmt.aef"
 end application

ccn application voicemail aa
 description "voicemail"
 maxsessions 6
 script "voicebrowser.aef"
 parameter "logoutUri" "http://localhost/voicemail/vxmlscripts/mbxLogout.jsp"
 parameter "uri" "http://localhost/voicemail/vxmlscripts/login.vxml"
 end application

ccn engine
 end engine

ccn reporting historical
 database local
 description "se-177-3-11-254"
 end reporting

ccn subsystem sip
 gateway address ""
 dtmf-relay sip-notify
 mwi sip outcall sub-notify
 end subsystem

ccn trigger http urlname msgnotifytrg
 application "msgnotification"
 maxsessions 2
 end trigger

ccn trigger http urlname mwiapp
 application "ciscomwiapplication"
 maxsessions 1
 end trigger

ccn trigger sip phonenumber 3500
 application "voicemail"
 maxsessions 3
 end trigger

ccn trigger sip phonenumber 3555
 application "promptmgmt"
 maxsessions 1
 end trigger

service phone-authentication
 end phone-authentication

service voiceview
 end voiceview

voicemail broadcast mwi
voicemail broadcast recording time 300
voicemail default messagesize 240
voicemail notification restriction msg-notification
voicemail live-reply enable
voicemail live-reply network-precedence phonenumberE164

voicemail live-reply restriction r-table
voicemail mailbox owner "BR2Group" size 775
 end mailbox

voicemail mailbox owner "br2Ph1" size 240
 end mailbox

voicemail mailbox owner "br2Ph2" size 240
 end mailbox

voicemail mailbox owner "br2Ph3" size 775
 end mailbox






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