Local Directory ,cme issue

I am facing a
starange pbm with cme .The phones are getting registered with cme using
the correct load file .The phones are not showing the "local directory "
when i press directory button .
I have done everything
ip http server
service dnis dir-lookup
service local-directory
directory entry 1 3001 name scph1
cnf-file location flash
cnf-file perphone
Nothing comes up

I am running 7961 phones and my cme is 8.1
the strange part here is eventhough the phones are registerd using the
correct load file but when i do show telephone-service tftp-binding

it shows its using XmlDefault.cnf .xml,eventhoug i configured cnf-file perphone basis?
i had done no create cnf-file
create cnf-file
restarted phones .nothing works .

Can anyone give a soln .
Why it is still using XmlDefault.cnf.xml eventhough i specified perphone basis it has to do ?



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