Where are you at in your studies?

Calling all CCIE Voice candidates...

Where are you at right now in your studies?  Do you have a lab date scheduled?  What are you struggling with?

I'd be happy to assist however I can!


  • I'm a CCNA Voice and want to get to the CCIE.  Should I do CCNP-Voice next?





    I follow INE DeepDives and going thorough WB1. Watching the videos and then task by task doing the configuration in my lab at work. I'm currently at Module 12 - CUBE.

  • I would strongly encourage the CCNP Voice track as a precursor to the CCIE Voice track.  It will give you a lot of foundational concepts and get you on the pathway towards CCIE-level interaction with the UC products.

    My one suggestion in this scenario would be to take your time mastering the information contained in the CCNP Voice track.  If you rush through it, you're only going to have to go back and cover it again once you're studying for the IE.

    When I began my CCNA, I had the CCIE Voice as a goal.  That goal affected my study approach and focus over the 18 month journey, from CCENT all the way to passing the CCIE Voice lab on my first attempt.  You can do it too!

  • "InForTheWin" - I love it!  

    You might want to supplement your CUBE studies by reading this Cisco document:

    Cisco Unified Border Element Configuration Guide


  • Thank you for this and for the valuable info on your blog. I did stumble upon it a few times when doing IPX WB1 .

    I don't have a date scheduled yet but I'm thinking somewhere in spring. I'll do the written after I finish this WB.

  • Thanks for the information and the suggestion.  It does seem like a good next step instead of just skipping it.

    I'm curious if you did it with a home lab or online rack rentals?




  • inforthewin are you working on the CCNP-Voice or IE right now?

  • Every true engineer winds up having some lab in his home. :)

    For me, however, I chose rack rentals for one reason: simplicity. Many aspiring CCIE candidates spend undue time and money (IMHO) setting up a lab and getting it to "work" with their training company's labs. I chose to forego that and use the training company's equipment with the training company's rack rentals. That way, it's all on them and I don't need to waste my time troubleshooting basic lab issues.

  • Well it took about a day to "adapt" the initial configs from INE to my rack :). and the problem is that from the module files i cannot really use the initial and final configs. Mainly because of the interfaces mismatch.

    It's conveninent for me to have my own lab at work since I don't have dedicated time for study. I always get interupted sometimes for days with work. This of course frustrates me a little bit but I'm trying to cope with it. So the idea is that I don't have to book entire sessions. Sometimes I'll be for 4 hours in the lab and sometimes for 9. And I'll always find my last config. :)

    On the other side, I have some rack rental tokens which I will use for WB full labs and Mock LAB.

  • That is for sure :)

    Thanks appreciate all the info.  That was kind of my dilemma if I should invest to get my home lab up to snuff or just rent.    



  • I am studying Cisco Presense at the moment, and going for Adv Tech Class videos, with Workbook volume 1, and after doing the Workobbok volume 2.

  • Hi Guru,


    I am in the middle of my study,

    Watching INE MArk Snow lessons, reading Cisco books and simultinously doing lab tasks in my lab

    I faced some problems but try to solve them

    After finishing lessons, i start MOC labs

    Is this a good way to prepare CCIE Voice, do you have any recommandation?





  • I think you're on the right track.  

    Do you have a lab date scheduled?  I found a timeline was incredibly helpful to keep me on track.

  • Hi Matthew,

    I had begining my studies for the voice since oct. 2010. Failed once in May 2011, big failure, i wasn't prepared correctly ...blah blah.... just did every things wrong for the preparation.

    I restart studies the 1 december 2011.

    Now, i did finish all the workbook 1 (based on deep drive modules). For that i really appreciate the very good work done by Mark.

    Now, i have to decide the strategy to cope with.

    1) First i will try to see if i can do a lab in the 8 hours, just to know how hard i have to lab again and again. I think working it till i can make it cold in 8 hours. Also making a kind of methode to cope with setup in up labs: draw a scheme, list the points to do etc.

    I will begin with Lab 3 v3.5 INE because:

    - there is UCCX

    - it is quite long

    - solution video are short

    (i would have greatly prefer printed solution like it use to be with the V3.0 from INE ;(... but as it seemes labs are improving, i imagine i have to wait. Anyway at least the v3.5 are good quality)

    2) After that, I want to make a selection of 5 labs that i can work on to know them cold.

    BTW if there is any suggestion about 5 labs to work with, i will consider it. (specialy as there are new lab in preparation at INE (?) but i am waiting for them and the solutions.

    3) During 1) and 2) i want to continue to look at Videos from INE wich are really great.

    4) Check my self or with a mock lab if it is raisonable for me to go for the real lab. i don't want to reserve a seat if i am not in this 4) step. And have good chance to pass it.

    Voila :)




  • That sounds like a great plan.  It's best to be methodical in your approach.  Act as if you were going to run a marathon.  Plan, prepare, regular reassess yourself, find your weakness, and squash them!

    Best of luck!

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