EEM configuration and implementation error

Hi Experts I have a doubt regardig the below question. As i have configured the EEM on the router thtat when ever the Syslog Message CONFIG_I received on the router console. It will write the time in the flash memory of the router. It work fine initially but later on it givethe below error> Please consider the problem and reply me suitabily

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no event manager applet ABC
event manager applet ABC
 event syslog pattern "%SYS-5-CONFIG_I"
 action 1.0 cli command "enable"
 action 2.0 cli command "show clock | tee ftp://[email protected]/PC/ConSave.txt"
 action 3.0 cli command "y"
 action 4.0 syslog msg "Config has been changed"
 action 5.0 cli command  "end"
 action 6.0 cli command "exit"


Router#sh users
    Line       User       Host(s)              Idle       Location
*  0 con 0                idle                 00:00:00  
 194 vty 0                idle                 00:38:26 EEM:ABC
 195 vty 1                idle                 00:36:28 EEM:ABC
 196 vty 2                idle                 00:36:17 EEM:ABC
 197 vty 3                idle                 00:21:39 EEM:ABC
 198 vty 4                idle                 00:34:14 EEM:ABC
 199 vty 5                idle                 00:31:22 EEM:ABC
 200 vty 6                idle                 00:12:27 EEM:ABC
 201 vty 7                idle                 00:16:52 EEM:ABC
 202 vty 8                idle                 00:00:57 EEM:ABC
 And why these lines are engaged with EEM:ABC and how these lines can be cleared


*Nov  4 12:41:34.999: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by console
*Nov  4 12:41:35.003: %HA_EM-3-FMPD_CLI_CONNECT: Unable to establish CLI session: no tty lines available, minimum of 2 required by EEM
*Nov  4 12:41:35.003: %HA_EM-3-FMPD_ERROR: Error executing applet ABC statement 1.0^Z






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