MQC Traffic Shaping - Nesting


When you're shaping and nesting, is the default using FIFO for queuing?  Do i need to use WFQ?  Or is that only when using random detect on the default class?  I thought there was some requirement to make the configuration complete but i cant remember and it seems to be working right.  Additionally, I thought I saw something that there was restrcitions when using the percent commands for priority and bandwidth, but it seems to be working right.  If you see anything missing, please let me know.  thanks in advance. 

class-map match-all VOIP
 match protocol rtp

class-map match-all WEB
 match protocol http

policy-map Q
 class VOIP
    priority percent 10
 class WEB
    bandwidth percent 30

policy-map QQ
 class class-default
    shape average 64000 640
  service-policy Q

interface Serial0/1/0
 bandwidth 128
 ip address
 service-policy output QQ


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