Dynamips/Dynagen on MAC OS X LION

Hello Experts, I am planning to setup Dynamips/Dynagen on Macbook Pro running OS X Lion. Do you think there will be no difference if I follow the procedure outlined on this website; http://www.ine.com/resources/ccie_dynamips_mac_osx.htm? The installer is for OS X 10.4 and I am not sure if anybody has tried installing Dynamips/Dynagen on MAC OS X Lion.





  • There should be no difference

  • Thank you. I will post my experience as soon as I have it setup on my Mac.

  • Completed setting up Dynamips/Dynagen on MacBook Pro 2011 (MAC OS X Lion) and it works fine so far. CPU is running under 3% when running the full INE topology at initial configuration. The only issue I have is that the configuration is not saved (copy run start is executed) after reloading the routers. It seems that the initial config from cnfg is always being loaded even after doing a "copy run start". 

    Does anybody had this problem before and know the fix?



  • In order to have GNS3 save your working directory you need to go to the menu:

    • Select Edit | Preferences. 
    • When the preference dialog box appears click on Dynamips,
    • Find the check box labled: Automatically clean the working directory. 
    • Click on the check box to clear the check mark. (This is a Global setting)
    • Click OK to exit Prefernces

    Or you can save your topology as a project. 

    • Click on the menu select File | Save Project as...
    • When the Save Project dialog box appears choose a project name and directory to save the project to. There will be two check boxes to select (These are project specific settings):
      • Save nvrams and virtual hard drives.  The nvram and virtual drives will be found in the working folder under the project folder created above.
      • Save IOS startup configurations.  The config files will be named with the device name they are exported from and can be found in the config folder under the project folder created above.
      • Click OK to save the project.

    These are the two steps for saving progress as you proceed through a lab or excercise within a workbook.

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi Frodoski,

    Thanks for your reply. I am actually using the Dynagen so the above procedure won't work.

    But I did sort this out already. Dynagen is actually trying to load always the configuration called upon on the cnfg line. What I did was I created a duplicate .net file but with the cnfg line disabled (by commenting on it). That means I have 2 almost similar .net files. Now, if I need to open a lab with specific initial router configuration, then I would use the 1st .net file with cnfg line enabled. This will ensure that it will load the initial configurations of the router. After that, I would be using the 2nd .net file (cnfg line disabled) which will then use the working configuration. 



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