Disabling the second dial-tone after user selects outside line


Is there a way to disable the secondary dial-tone in CallManager 7.x so that when a user presses '9' to get an outside line, CallManager simply continues to accept numbers until it finds a match, without playing the second tone?  I have tried disabling the "provide Outside Dial-Tone" box, but that only changes the amount of digits pressed before a second dial tone is played.  I need to find a way to disable it entirely.



  • You are on the right track of disabling "provide outside dial-tone".  However, it sounds like during the digit matching process CUCM has narrowed down the serach to a route-pattern or translation pattern that still has "provide outside dialtone" enabled. You have to disabled it from all the 9 RPs and TPs if that is the functionality you desire.

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