CCIE # 30864

I finally got my CCIE in Routing and Switching a few days back... One of the happiest moments in my technical career :) 


I mainly used Volume-1 and 2. INE material is excellent and essential for any candidate preparing for their CCIE. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to master all the scenarios in Volume-1. I made short notes for each topic from Volume-1 which I kept revising during my preparation. 

I would like to thank all the Instructors at INE including Anthony Sequeira and Brian McGahan. The free vseminar on "Secrets to V4 CCIE" by Anthony was very helpful and all the blog posts by Brian McGahan were simply awesome !!!


Thank you INE for helping me reach this Milestone :)


  • Hi,

    Congrats mate....I'm so happy for you. Just a question how many times did u labbed the INE wb vol 2?

  • Congrats!!!!

  • Congrats mate.....

    And you are absolutely right INE material are really excellent and essential !!!

  • Congratulation..!!

  • Congratulations mate! [Y]

  • Congratulations on getting your number. Bests wishes to you in your future.

  • Congrats rsccie101 ![B]

    What's Next?


  • rsccie101 - Congratz![Y]

  • Hey cdolores04,

    To answer your question, it all depends on your experience.... I have been in the networking field for over 3 years now so I went through all the labs in Volume 2 once... From the way I look at it, the goal of the volume 2 workbook is to solidify the concepts you learned in volume 1. Because after you've been through all the volume 1 scenarios, you feel really overwhelmed and unless you understand how a particular feature is used in the real world lab scenario (volume-2), you wont understand it completely. 

    Hope this answers your question

  • Hey nnn,

    Well, Since I work in the data center field, next is probably going to be Storage... but I found MPLS VPNs to be really interesting, so may go for SP .... So still undecided but will be one of the two for sure...


    But before that, I need to get my social life out of "Standby" State and back to "Active" State :)


  • Congratulations! Wow the numbers are going up FAST. Not long ago we were at 30k, what has happened? I feel the numbers are going up  too fast, we don't want to have too many CCIEs. Are people just better at passing or have cheaters found a way of passing again?

    How many times did you go through the Vol1 scenarios? I also feel Vol1 is the key to a pass. What did you think of the troubleshooting section?

  • Cheaters are growing up not the numbers, 1/3 of numbers has been achived by cheaters. Ofcourse all success stories on INE forum are true and people who passed the CCIE knows them stuff well. But there is so much companies like PCL, CCIECERT etc which grab the questions and sell real labs for cheaters.

  • Hey daniel.dib,

    Like many people have said including some of the Instructors, time management is key in the troubleshooting section. You cannot skip any topic of the Lab Blueprint. I followed the INE Lab blueprint by Anthony. It's much more thorough than the Cisco Lab Blueprint

    Like I previously said I made short notes from the Volume-1 and referred to them when necessary. It's easier that way than going through the entire workbook. If you're not sure of a particular solution in Volume-2, then refer to the Volume-1 

  • re: Are people just better at passing or have cheaters found a way of passing again?


    ^ Thus the unhappy parodox, eh?

  • Hey Guys,

    Thank you everyone for all your good wishes !!! Really feels awesome to be part of the special CCIE Club :) and Thanks once again INE :)

  • congrats man!  Great accomplishment.

  • How many times did you go through the Vol1 scenarios? I also feel Vol1 is the key to a pass. What did you think of the troubleshooting section?


    When are you going to take the lab, for the 1st time?

  • The key to passing the CCIE exam involves mastery of just a few concepts:

    1. Knowledge of technology
    2. Time management
    3. Focus under pressure for extended periods of time

    I'd agree with you that volume one is a major key to pass, simply because it forces you to focus on the individual technologies.  In addition to volume one, I'd highly suggest a focus on the Cisco documentation.  Overall, if you need a ratio or rule to follow, I'd recommend the following study flow through the course of a week:

    • Every morning: Read Cisco documentation
    • Throughout the day: Whenever you have a question, write it down
    • When labbing: Reference the documentation, whenever you have a question, write it down
    • The next morning: Research your questions from the previous day, document answers, read more Cisco documentation
  • Congrats!


    One more vital key.


    Living in MPLS!




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