Redo of CCIP Series.....

Hello Expert

                  I want to know when the new  CCIP Series will be redo. I am eagrly waiting for the New Series. I have hear that the new series will be done by Brian.


Any Estimate time to its release...!!






  • Hello Rajput,


    Honestly I'd be more than happy if Cisco itself revamps CCNP SP as a whole, like they did with other tracks.

    QoS is a) inducing feeling of old patine b) exclusively campus oriented maybe except for QPPB (does anybody uses it?) and SP stuff is just briefly mentioned in sentence or two;

    BGP is OK, pretty good exam, quite real-life, but they may need to stop referencing how good CEF is in 1/10th of their questions (my experience from exam [:)];

    MPLS is finally some real SP stuff however you still get 10 out of 40 questions from Cell mode MPLS ...

  • Brian


    Is the Estimate Time line for redoing the CCIP Series by Brian.


    Any update on this



  • Agreed.  Though I've only done QoS at this point, its (and here I mean the available books/and study materials) focus on how to make things like voip work across 128k frame relay links is depressing.

    More helpful these days would be how to deal with sub-linerate gig+ ports and shaping/policing on an already shaped/policed interface, how to manage buffers (or lack thereof) when dumping 10g into gige, etc.

    The challenges on modern networks are vastly different than those covered by the test, IMO.  My guess is that the CCIP will be phased out (slowly?) in favor of the newer service provider tracks, which while cool, have little day-to-day use for me currently.

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