Humour :-)

The Top Ten Comments Heard from the Family of a CCIE Student

Number 10: “Will you please stop talking about VLANs at dinner parties!”

Number 9: “Daddy, what are those round things you keep staring at?”

Number 8: “Honey, it is Sunday, take a shower day!”

Number 7: “And this is my boyfriend’s office, he has promised to come out before the next blueprint change.”

Number 6: “You are going off to bootcamp? When did you enlist???”

Number 5: “I think Dad is starting to lose it Mom, he just demanded our lunch boxes possess globally unique IPv6 addresses.”

Number 4: “Are you sure you are smart enough to pass this test?”

Number 3: “The exam costs WHAT?????”

Number 2: “What the hell is this charge on my credit card for RENTMYRACK.COM????”

Number 1: “No ? I DO NOT want to see your routing table!”


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