Dynamips Lab1 Task 2.2 IGP Features

Initial configuration questions.  The second bullet under task 2.2 asks to secure the eigrp neighbor relationship between R6 and BB1.  After looking at the interface status and configs, BB1 was set up to use the wrong serial interfaces, specifying serial1/0 in the config but the .net file built 0/0.  Also, since this is a direct serial connection between the 2, yet specifying a frame relay connection, do we have to configure frame relay switching on R6?  I also thought we would not need to change anything on the BB routers.  However, the solution guide makes no mention of frame relay switching set up.

I realize that there may be a little tweaking here and there as already seen in task 1 of this lab, but realistically how much time should we need to spend on this?  I'm thinking I need to go thru the whole .net file and router configs to make sure they match up....


  • So I edited the BB1 config to correct the interfaces, then configured R6 for frame relay switching


    frame-relay switching

    int s0/0

    frame-relay interface-dlci 101

    frame-relay intf-type dce


    That brought the interfaces on both sides up and connectivity is good.

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