set ip next-hop

i have R1 with two links to R2 and on R1 i have 2 statements of set ip next hop towards R2 as there a 2 links. so if packets flow will they load balance or anything or packets will choose the 1st set ip next-hop statement and if 1st fails then the 2nd set ip next-hop statement


  • Hi siddharth,

    Do you mean that you have PBR with set ip next-hop that points to two IP addresses in the route-map clause?
    If it is, then it won't load balance. Router will use the first next-hop and if only the output interface of the first next-hop is down, then router will fallback to the second next-hop.
    Read this CCO cmd ref:


  • Yes that´s it and you can also enable the following command "set ip next-hop verify-availability". With this command you can monitor the next hop you entered in the route-map. If the first entry in the RMAP is not reachable it will take the next one until the previous one is available again.

    The "detection" usually uses CDP to detect whether the next-hop is rechable or not. But if there is equipment whicht doesnt support CDP you can also configure an individual ip sla track and connect this track with the route-map and the next-hop. so you can use ICMP, UDP etc. to monitor the next-hop reachability.

    For further reading look here:


    Hope this is useful to you!



  • Nowadays, for both lab and real life scenarios, you will not be using CDP to track neighbor failure cause it is not really reliable and it is slow convergence, 180 seconds by default. BUt see what the task asks of you.

    Good luck with your studies!

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