General question about workbooks and home lab's

Hello, I would like to know if after purchasing the voice workbook bundles would I also have access to the files for each workbook question starting point to load into my lab?  From what I can understand, each topic has different pre-config that needs to be loaded into the lab equipment before starting a section.  If I have the necessary equipment needed to build the lab at my office would I be able to load the pre-config files into my lab?

If not what program or package would give me access to this, other than renting rack-time of course if any.

Thank you,


  • INE provides the pre-configs for you, including the ones for CUCM (TAR files that you import into your own CUCM).  You'll just need to change MAC addresses for the phones and probably the interfaces depending on what router/modules you have.


    Thank you Jackgapo, I called in the sales line but they where not sure about this details of my question.  I am very happy to hear your response.  INE seems like a first class organization and I can't wait to get started.  I have just got approval from my company to purchase some training so I am going to get the ball started today.




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