Module 4: LDAP authentication and manipulation of AD; LDIF please

Hi Mark and Tech Support,

In Module 4 LDAP integration Mark manipulates the AD directly to verify LDAP authentication.

I presume we cannot do that with Graded rack rentals, i.e., no access to the Windows server AD UI?

BTW, for all the persons in the AD what is their password (cciecisco??) ??

Could we have an LDIF of "ou=island natural exports" to recreate the subtree at our home AD.

I presume we can just point the Pub / Unity to our home AD at instead of to follow the video?






  • Hi Mustang,


    Sorry if I manipulated the AD LDAP in any way on that video. You're correct that both in GradedLabs' racks, as well as in the real lab, you would not be able to modify that LDAP in any way. 

    You can still verify authentication however. Simply enter your authentication creds in the CUCM LDAP screen, along with a valid search base, and CUCM will report the error of authentication back to you when you hit Save if it in fact can not authenticate properly. It will also report back a specific error if it finds your search base is not properly formatted.



  • Oh, and also I will try to grab the LDIF a little later and post it both here, and in the updated course files on our new AAP site.

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